California Governor in Favor of Legal Gambling Bill

Californian online casino players are excited about the possible legalization of a sports betting bill yet to be passed in the State parliament. The future of online gambling looks good for them as California Senator Roderick Wright has spoken out in favor of the gambling bill. He thinks that legalizing can only lead to building up the exchequer.

Background of the Bill

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) banned gambling in all the states last year. But in an unexpected development, it made online lottery selling legal. This has led to the proposal of poker legalization bill in California.

Although not all the states are ready to have the ban lifted, some forward states like California and Nevada want the bill to be passed as it has huge financial benefits. They want local rules to be set up to regulate gambling laws and to ensure that legalizing doesn’t affect the sentiments of religious groups.

Democratic Senator of Anaheim Lou Correa and Sen. Roderick Wright are of the opinion that since the players are already into illegal online betting, legalizing it would only help the cash strapped state. According to Correa, 6/10 online bettors today are from the state and passing the bill can help California get at least $200 million.

Roadblocks in Legalizing the Bill

Betting on sports is considered an offense in the US as the Federal Sports Act doesn’t allow betting of any sorts on sports. A lawsuit filed against the legalization of sports betting by California Coalition Against Gambling Expansion (CCAGE) says it is a violation of the constitution to let only some states offer gambling legally.

CCAGE believes that instead of making gambling lawful, the state and the authorities should look for other ways to fund the coffer. Several local system providers who have been given 46 page briefs are yet to give their nod to arranging systems.

Many important stakeholders too are yet to approve investing on online casinos which seems to be the major setback. David Quintanna who works for the state’s Tribal Business Alliance is skeptical about the bill as he thinks that the bill is has some issues regarding revenue sharing between casinos and the government.

Brian McCarthy of the National Football League is also against the bill as the organization doesn’t want practices that can taint the sports. In his opinion it may cause unfavorable influences on football in the long run.

Industry Veterans Hope for the Best

Major industry players like MGM Grand and Paddy Poker look forward to the approval of the bill. Paddy Poker’s director Corcoran is hopeful and thinks that legalizing gambling can bring dual benefits as it can generate revenue and employment opportunities.

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