New Jersey aiming at Adopting Online Gambling Regulations

New Jersey wants to be at the forefront of the online gambling industry in the US, once the legalization of the internet gambling becomes a reality. Nevada has already adopted regulations for online poker. New Jersey also aims at passing its own regulations this session.

Online Gambling Proposal has to Pass through General Assembly and Senate

The proposal regarding regulation of online gambling in New Jersey has to pass through the state’s senate and the General Assembly. In case, the proposal passes through these bodies successfully, it will move to New Jersey houses. If the bill gets approved, New Jersey’s gaming industry will experience a boost. The industry has been suffering through losses for the last 6 years. More than 10,000 jobs were lost. The revenue earned through the gaming industry fell significantly over the past few years.

Lesniak said that New Jersey will be the Silicon Valley of Online Gambling

One of the key sponsors of New Jersey’s online gambling bill, Lesniak said that the state will be the Silicon Valley of online gaming in the near future. If this becomes a reality, thousands of jobs will be created in the Atlantic City. Online gambling revenue will increase by billions of dollars. Lesniak stressed on the fact that it is important for the bill to be passed in the current session. If it is postponed till the next session, online gambling lobbyists like Lesniak will lose momentum.

Chris Christie Vetoed the Bill Last Year

The proposal to regulate internet gambling in New Jersey was introduced last year. However, it was not approved as Governor Chris Christie vetoed it in March. According to Chris Christie, the bill was not in line with regulations of the federal state. It also contradicted the constitution of New Jersey. Christie had pointed out last year that the state’s constitution requires online gambling real money to be limited in the Atlantic City.

The bill has been modified in accordance with the issues raised by Chris Christie. The modified bill states that the servers used by gaming websites will be based in Atlantic City. Hence, it is quite likely that the governor will approve the proposal this year. The online gambling scenario in the US is also favorable at present for operators of casinos and poker rooms, as the DOJ recently clarified its stance on the Wire Act. The DOJ stated that the Wire Act is not applicable to online casino and poker.

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