Poker Strategy on the Flop

Evaluating the strength of your hands is a process that you should do at every point in the game, especially the flop. This is the first stage when your starting hand will get more cards to improve. Based on how strong your hand is at this point, you will have to make the decision to call, fold, raise or check. Another factor that will influence these decisions is the texture of the flop.

Flop texture

On the flop, the board can bring up different combinations. This will determine the possibilities for a draw for each hand in the game. Each player can determine the effect the flop will have on his hand by checking whether either – a flush or straight – are possible. If a player knows that based on the cards on the flop there is a strong possibility for at least one of the two, he can stay in the game.How To Play The Flop

However, when a player knows that he has the possibility for a draw, he should consider the likelihood that an opponent too may have the same. So, opponents who continue on the flop may be those who have either completed a hand or have the potential for landing a better one. In case the board brings up several possibilities, it is called a wet board. But if it has few to no draw potential it is a dry board.

Status of your hand

Based on the flop texture, your hand may have done one of three things – improved, not improved or reached a draw. In case your hand:

Improved: A hand can improve to become very strong, strong, good or average. You can bet with an average hand if no one has made a move before you. In case you get a call, you can continue playing till the turn and see whether the opponent too stays in the game. However, if you get raised, it is best to fold.

A good hand with a top pair, over-pair, two pair and top kicker allows you to raise. This will help push out players who plan to see the turn without paying for it. You should avoid slow-playing good and strong hands. Very strong hands are suited for playing slowly, getting opponents to add to a pot that you will be very likely to win.

On a draw: In case the board gives you a drawing hand, you should try to get to the turn by paying as little as possible in each orbit. An important factor to consider when doing this is the possibility that the hand will allow you to win more than is in the pot.

Fails to improve: In case your hand does not improve on the flop, the best move is to fold. Even if you play it, the likelihood that the winning potential of the hand will increase on the turn or river is very low.

In addition to considering these aspects, you should also make use of flop strategies which can be beneficial for hands that have already completed and those with the potential to draw. This involve sizing the bets you place and the raises you make such that they are profitable for you in the long run. Most often, playing real money poker on the flop can be easy. However, it becomes challenging in a few situations like when you are playing out of position or are in a multi-way pot.

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