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The Money Storm Online Slots Tournament is in full swing at the Omni Online Casino and players have been enthusiastically betting large amounts. There have been a few losses as usual. To keep the losing players happy, the casino has introduced a few special bonuses. These real money slot bonuses will allow the people who lost their money to earn it back and redeem their bankrolls.

Deposit Bonus Offers

The promotions began last Saturday with varying deposit bonuses. The percentage of bonus offered depends on the amount you deposit. If you make a deposit of $10, you will be getting a whopping bonus of 150% up to $30. If you are depositing anything from $30 to $80, you can get a bonus of 125% up to $100. For players who deposited amount above $80, a 100% bonus is offered up to $150.

Weather Alert Free Play Bonus

If you have to be eligible for the Weather Alert Free Play Bonus, you should have taken part in some of the action since the start of June. To be eligible for this, you should have spent more than $200 on deposits since the month of June began. If you have, all you have to do is ring up the customer care. Your bonus will be credited to your betting account.

Wild Wednesdays

This promotion is aptly named ‘Wild Wednesdays’ because uncontrolled events are often wild and there is nothing is in your hands. All the players who have made a bet of at least $10 on Wednesday were considered eligible for the ‘Wild Wednesday’ lucky draw and entered into the competition by default.

Omni Online Casino’s Silver Club players were eligible for three entries while the Gold and Platinum Club players were eligible for four entries. Since a random number generator will be used for picking the winning entries, more the number of entries, more your chances would have been to win the draw. The prize money/bonus for the winning entry began from $5 and went up to $150.

Since the prize/draw was not based on the amount a player bet, all players stood an equal chance of winning the draw. If a player got more entries, then the chance of winning also would increase, but that was only for the privileged members. Also, there was a catch here. The maximum limit on cashing out the money won on wagers was set at $1000.

Tornado Warning

The Tornado Warning is again a promotion in which the player had no control on the winnings. In this bonus, the player had a chance to win 3/4th of their deposit (75%) as the bonus, on the first deposit for the day. The minimum deposit to be eligible for this bonus was $30 and it could have gone up to a maximum deposit of $75. This deposit can be claimed only when the tornado hits (figuratively, of course) and this happens thrice a day. The maximum amount that you could claim was $225.

Regular Bonuses Offered By Omni Online Casino

With a week full of bonuses on offer, the regular offerings were also available at the Omni Online Casino. In addition to the above, promos, the Omni Loyalty Program was still on. So were the welcome, reload and high roller first deposit bonuses.

Omni Casino Loyalty Program

Like any other loyalty program, you are paid to play in the casino. Only members are eligible for this bonus. For every dollar you spend, you will be given some points. The number of points credited to your account will also depend on your membership level. Higher your membership level is, the more points you earn for every dollar you spend.

If you want to redeem your points, all you need to do is visit the cash counter and ask for redeeming your points. The equivalent money will be transferred as a deposit into your betting account. This money will not be eligible for the deposit bonus.

Welcome Bonus for New Players

When you register for the first time with Omni Online Casino, you will be eligible for a welcome bonus. 100% of whatever you deposit for the first time will be credited to your account. The maximum limit for this bonus is $100 and this is a one time offer.

High roller First Deposit Bonus

In this bonus program, you will be credited a bonus of $500 if you are considered a high roller To qualify as a high roller, you have to make a minimum deposit of at least $1000. As a bonus, you will be given gambling chips worth $500 as a bonus. So, you will have an extra $500 to gamble  in addition to whatever amount you deposited initially.

Other Promotions Can Be Expected

With many online events lined up in the near future, you can expect more promotions from Omni Online Casino. They will want to keep the crowd interested and you can expect many more exciting offers like the Wild Wednesdays and Tornado Warnings in the coming weeks.

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