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Bitcoin is an electronic system which facilitates irreversible payments between 2 or more parties. The Bitcoin network was started on January 3rd, 2009. Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of this technology. The original Bitcoin client was released by Nakamoto as open source software in 2009.

Quite a few Bitcoin casinos operate online. When playing at real money casino sites, players have to fund their account using a payment method. With the help of Bitcoins, safe and fast transactions can be facilitated. In case you are interested in funding your account using Bitcoins, here is some information that will help you.

real money bitcoin casinos

How to Use Bitcoin

You can use Bitcoins by acquiring a Bitcoin wallet and Bitcoin address. The latter works similar to email addresses. Bitcoins are sent to Bitcoin addresses in the same way mails are sent to email ids.

Bitcoin wallets exist in several forms. You can download the Bitcoin software. The software holds the coins on the hard drive of your system in a file. You can manage the coins through the software and send them to your online casino account as well.

Another way to use the coins is to register with a website or an exchange service that stores Bitcoins. The coins can be sent to an address through the website.

The third way to use Bitcoins is by printing a ‘paper wallet’ that uses a program or a website. A paper wallet is a cheque book that consists of all necessary elements required for sending and receiving money to a Bitcoin wallet. The coins can be sent to addresses of casino sites printed on the wallet.

How Bitcoins can be Transferred to Casino Sites

Players can transfer Bitcoins to the address of the real money gambling site at which they want to play through a specially designed program. A digital signature is generated to link a transaction through which coins are transferred to the online casino.

You are allowed to transfer money to as many Bitcoin addresses as you require by creating a transaction message. For example, you may want to transfer coins to a casino site. So, you have to create a transaction message which mentions that a particular amount from your account has to be sent to the online casino’s address.

Characteristics of Bitcoin Casinos

Players using Bitcoins for making transactions at a casino site don’t have to pay any extra fee. One of the key advantages of using Bitcoins is that a payment processor or a bank is not required to facilitate payments. It is quite simple to use Bitcoins to fund your account. You don’t have to fill out forms or follow special rules when using the method.

How to Make a Deposit Using Bitcoins

To get started with the process of using Bitcoins, you have to purchase them from an exchange service. After this, request for a receiver address from the casino at which you want to play. You can send the Bitcoins to the address given by the casino. On doing so, the casino receives the deposit that you made using Bitcoins. The coins are converted into casino credits by most online casinos.

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