The Latest Online Casino Bonus Deals

2012 seems to be a very lucrative, yet baffling, year for online gamblers. Online casinos have been coming up with enticing deals on a weekly basis, leaving online gamblers wondering about which one to pick and which one to leave, as all the offers seem lucrative. These offers are not just by the small online casinos. Major players like Bet365 and Lucky Hill casinos are also offering bonuses for their patrons to elevate the online casino gambling experience.

Lucky Hill is offering a 200% welcome bonus for new players to encourage more people to register with them. Bet365 on the other hand has a reload bonus of 25%. But before we go into further details of these deals, here is a note on the different types of bonuses you can expect.

Different Types of Casino Bonuses

If you are new to the world of online gambling, you might be overwhelmed by the number of deals these online casinos have on offer. Bonuses are the USP of an online casino. A casino with excellent bonus deals will see a greater inflow of gamblers than the one with less number of bonus deals. The competition in the online casino world is so good that it is impossible to zero-in on a specific casino that offers the best deals as all the deals seem too good to pass. The bonus amount credited to your account has to be used for betting at least once before you cash it in.

The welcome bonus is probably the first bonus type you will be granted. When you create an account with an online casino for the first time, you will be given a welcome bonus after you make the first deposit. This will act as a cushion for your failures till you get the hang of gambling online.

Then there are the redeposit bonuses where a percentage of your deposit will be credited to your account. Similarly, the high roller bonus will be granted to you if you spend big money on gambling by making huge deposits. There are other company specific bonuses, details of which can be obtained on the online casino’s home page.

Bet365 and a Reload Bonus of 25%

Bet365, a leading online casino operator is offering a reload bonus of 25%. What this means is that if you deposit a certain amount in your gambling account, you will be credited with 25% of that amount as a bonus. This feature is available till a bonus of £100 which means, the maximum deposit you can make to be eligible for this bonus is £400. This is a good offer considering the reputation of Bet365 and the range of events on which they offer their betting services.

The Mummy from Bet365

The latest hit among the new releases of Bet365 is The Mummy. This exciting game is a 25 payline, 5 reel game offering three lucrative bonus rounds. Unlike the other slot games, The Mummy’s bonus rounds have names. They are called Free Games Bonus round, Lost City Adventure Bonus and Mummy Hunt Bonus. All three are filled with huge bonuses and multiple opportunities to maximize your winnings.

There is also a scatter feature where the scorpion is the scatter symbol. The scorpion king (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) will appear intermittently and boost your payout lines to massive proportions.

Lucky Hill’s 200% Welcome Bonus

If you are planning to open a new online betting account, consider Lucky Hill online casino as your top option. This casino is offering a massive welcome bonus of 200%. What this means is that a double amount of whatever you deposit the first time will be credited to your account. Also, there are no restrictions on the usage of this bonus. Most casinos have some restrictions on the games on which bonuses can be used, especially when it is such a huge bonus. You can use this bonus to gamble on any of the array of online gambling games on offer in the Lucky Hill online casino.

Something on Offer for Everyone in Lucky Hill Online Casino

According to a statement form Lucky, Hill during the announcement of this new promotion, the company is trying to offer more games which appeal to people of all kinds. They said that there are over 60 games on offer in the online casino which appeal to all kinds of gamblers. They also said that more games will be added with time and according to consumer trends.

Another feature of Lucky Hill online casino is the owner’s blog. This blog features videos and articles which help new players to hone their online gambling skills. This is something which you don’t see in the other online casinos. There are tutorials on Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and many more games. Even experienced players can make use of this blog to further improve their online gambling skills and include more strategies into their gambling techniques arsenal.

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