Exciting New Opportunities at ChiliPoker

ChiliPoker is now providing a host new bonuses and promotions, together with Poker770. Over the years, it has accumulated a legion of dedicated online poker players due to its speedy and efficient service, and exciting poker tournaments. Now ChiliPoker is joining forces with another online poker juggernaut: Poker770. The joining of these two sites brings the best of both worlds together. All the previous gambling opportunities are there, but the new platform brings in bigger and better games and tournaments, where the players can enjoy the best of both websites.

New players can register directly at this site. Players who had been previously registered at ChiliPoker can also have all their personal details and deposits transferred to their new accounts quickly and easily. The integration has been smooth and glitch-free so far, and the customers are the real winners because they get access to a number of amazing promotions.

The Team 770 program helps players become professionals

Team 770 is the cream of the crop; it keeps track of all its players’ performances. In this way, they are able to identify the players who show promise and potential with the most number of wins and money earned. Imagine being able to make a living doing what you love. That’s what Poker 770 offers its players. The best players on the site are invited to join the Team 770. Here they get to show off their skills and compete in tournaments for big money. It doesn’t matter where you come from. If you have the necessary skills and know-how, then you too can become a professional. Team 770 players also get the chance to face-off against the Pro770 players. Winners get their names written in history and find the short road to poker stardom.

The chance to win $50,000 every month

Every day players get the chance to win up to $1000 for free. Freerolls are offered to all players regardless of their level of expertise. In fact, players have the chance to take part in these tournaments every hour, and sometimes every half hour. Players can enter these tournaments from the “Freerolls” section of the “Tournaments” tab.

Terms and conditions of the “Freeroll” tournaments

The “Freeroll” tournaments are open to all Poker 770 players and ChiliPoker players as part of their promotions. In the “Bounty Pro free € 16.50” freeroll tournament the top three players win token worth € 5.50 for the tournament. In the “Bounty Pro Free €25” free roll tournament, the top 4 players get a token worth €5.50 while the 5th player gets a $5 cash prize. In the “$40k Tokens” freeroll tournament the top 5 players receive tokens worth $8.80 for the Saturday satellite tournament and are guaranteed $35,000.

All Poker770 players receive sufficient tokens every month to participate in three “$30 Daily Freeroll” in a week. The tokens are credited to their accounts at the beginning of the month. Eligible players are chosen based on a selection criteria, and they automatically receive their token at the start of the month.

The WSOP Pro Team Challenge

Players who are part of the Team770 get the chance to jet off to Las Vegas and participate in tournaments as Poker770 representatives. Players are given the chance to win big cash and a name for themselves in the world of professional poker. Players get the chance to join this illustrious team by facing off with Pro770 players every week. If they can beat the Pro770 players in four Heads up tournaments then they become part of Team770. The buy-in limit for the tournament can range from $1 to $109. Therefore, regardless of your level of expertise, you can still get the chance to face a Pro770 player and get a chance to go to Las Vegas for the 2012 World Series of Poker.       

The Poker770 VIP Club

As an added bonus players who were part of the ChiliPoker VIP club can now have their membership transferred to the Poker770 VIP club. Every player at the site earns point after playing games. The points determine a players VIP status. Points can also be spent on cash or to buy tokens into tournaments and other promotions. You can also shop at Poker770 store for anything from headphones, books and CDs to the latest laptops and Nintendo Wii. It’s an exclusive offer open only to Poker770 members who are part of the VIP club.

Play in the MegaPokerSeries

Players who enter the MegaPokerSeries get a chance to win big money and travel to exciting locations. You don’t need a lot of cash to buy in to this tournament. Every player gets the chance to develop a complex strategy over several levels that allows them to play their best game. Players can also become a MegaPokerSeries VIP. With a VIP pass they get to attend the Poker770 MegaPokerSeries party, play Team770 and many more exciting opportunities.

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