Maryland Gambling Program May Go Online

Ever since the US Department of Justice amended its ruling, specifying that all forms of online gambling save for sports betting is legal; a sense of euphoria has gripped online gaming operators. With a lack of progress on a federal law to regulate the activity, many US states have started the procedure to legalize intra-state gambling. States such as Nevada is approving online gambling licenses to software providers.

Talks are on to sanction a major metamorphic alteration to the gambling program that currently exists in Maryland. Just like the federal online gambling legislation bill, many fear that such a legislation may adversely affect the state’s cyber security and aggravate gambling addiction and underage gambling.

Speaker Keen on Including Online Gambling in Future Legislative Discussions

Matters seem to be moving in a positive manner as several members of the House of Delegates are looking forward to discuss the possibility in next week’s session. According to Michael Busch, Speaker, members of the Democratic Party have been informed that online gambling should one of the topics in the subsequent legislative session.

Martin O’Malley, Governor, allowed his spokeswoman and communications director, Raquel Guillory, to mention to the press that the internet gambling proposal is a crucial issue. According to Guillory, the overall casino expansion bill may, in all likelihood, contain a section requesting the inclusion of online gambling for the state. She further added that there has been several discussions regarding the matter, but as of yet, there is no decision and the bill is still being put together.

May Be Too Late To Discuss Online Gambling

While some are toasting the news, there are others who feel that it is too late in the year to approach such a matter. According to a political science professor in Maryland, Todd Eberly, it may not be late to include online gambling in the final draft of the casino expansion bill. However, he believes that too much time is being wasted in pointless hesitancy and that the matter may not be discussed as it should be.

Critics are vehemently opposing the thought and constantly spew the dangers of including online gambling in such a bill. The main concern seems to be that of the possibility of increase in underage gamblers who are otherwise denied access to the games in a land-based casino in the US.

Cordish Proposal Sparks off Debate

The matter of internet gambling came to light when David Cordish, who owns a casino inMaryland, requested permission to include online gambling as one of the provisions for his yet-to-be-opened casino. The special session which will convene on Wednesday will discuss the fate of the casino and the possibility of sanctioning table games at every casino in Maryland.

It was after reading the Cordish proposal that Busch sent an e-mail to the members announcing that internet gambling would be discussed in the upcoming session. One of the main factors why Busch is keen on a discussion is that the inclusion of internet gambling could well place Maryland at par with its neighboring states.

Busch states that Maryland voters allowed the sanction of the gaming and gambling program almost four years ago. In this time, many US states have expanded their gaming program with online casinos, inclusion of several table games and super bonus promotions. According to Busch, Maryland should seek to create a competitive and healthy gaming environment.

State’s Well-Being is Key Concern for Speaker

The inclusion of online gaming will do wonders for the state. It will not only significantly increase the revenue of the state but will also encourage people staying outside Maryland to play at its online casinos. According to Busch’s spokeswoman, Alexandra Hughes, one of the primary items on the Speaker’s agenda for the meeting is the drafting of an appropriate gaming program.

The Speaker seeks to develop a program that will bring result in considerable benefits to the taxpayers in Maryland. Busch reminded members that internet gambling is just an option. If it has to be presented to the residents of the state, it will have to be in their best interest. Else, such a matter will not be considered.

Delaware Gambling Program Sets Expectations

Two months ago, Delaware approved intra-state gambling which allowed customers to legally play slot games, blackjack and poker. The legislation also permitted players to remotely access these games form their PCs and handheld device. Maryland hopes to follow in Delaware’s footsteps.

But, the program is not without its flaws. According to an analyst for the Legislative Services, Warren Deschenaux, the gambling program of Delaware has not been instigated properly. Deschenaux believes that the state cannot verify whether the players access these sites and games actually live within the borders of the state.

A business professor at the Illinois University, John Warren Kindt, stated that US states are moving too fast by misinterpreting the DoJ amendment to the 1961 Wire Act. As long as States do not have the technology to verify the credentials, age and location of customers playing at casino sites, internet gambling is a dangerous arena.

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