Nevada Casinos Dread Online Poker Legislation

The online poker legislation has been in the pipeline for quite some time now. With every bit of news that trickles in about the issue, land-based casinos inNevadaacknowledge it with apprehension. If the poker legislation is approved, it will be a huge blow to the gambling outlets inNevadaas revenues and player traffic will be drastically affected.

Survival of Industry at Stake – Casino Owner Tom Brietling

While land-based casino operators sigh in relief every time the bill is pushed back, online gambling operators are getting tired of the waiting game. Most of them have become unconcerned about the legalization process. Instead they are worried that the government does not care about their ability to make significant contributions to the revenue of the country.

According to Tom Brietling, head of an online gaming company, Ultimate Gaming, online gambling plays a crucial role in shaping the economy. If the bill is not passed, it could adversely affect the industry’s survival. There are many online gambling operators that share this view.

Although the last session of the congress is a few months away, the online casino operators are starting to make as much noise as they can. This will ensure that they draw some notice to the issue at hand before the hustle and bustle of the presidential elections goes underway by the end of this year.

Nevada Senators Heller and Reid Approached to Garner Support

At present, the main intention of the casino operators is to get Nevada senators Dean Heller and Harry Reid to convince their co-workers to allow the online gambling bill to piggy-back on another bill meant for the protection of the country’s security in cyberspace. This is one of the best ways to get approval for the online gambling, as it, by itself may not stand a chance.

The two senators may stand divided on how appropriate the cyber security bill is, but they are forced to be teammates so that they can achieve the ultimate victory for their home state – an online gambling bill to revive the gaming sector in Nevada. Sen. Heller and Reid also have separate viewpoints on the 2012 Senate race of Nevada. However, they are working together for the purpose of this bill.

Reid admits that amassing Republican votes is the best way to ensure that the bill sees the light of day. Heller makes pointed references to Reid’s take-it-easy approach and the lack of support from his Republican counterpart to the press whenever he is questioned about the issue.

As time passes, gaming operators are getting frustrated over the lack of progress. Some of them say that they do not particularly care whose responsibility it is to garner the votes. As far as they are concerned, there is a senator and a majority leader supporting the cause. All that is required is competent leadership skills to push the bill through. If not, it is the gaming industry in Nevada that will be in danger.

US States in the Process to Conduct Intra-State Online Gambling

Ever since the US Department of Justice amended the Wire Act and declared that online gambling, except on sports was legal, the issue of its legalization has sparked debates all over the country. Several US states have already begun procedures to approve intra-state online gambling. While many welcome the change and looking forward to the significant increase in revenue, others seem wary.

One of the main issues that critics are voicing is about the security, or lack of it, that such a bill will pose to the country’s cyber space. Another factor which has come up in debates is the proliferation of underage gambling and gambling addiction. Although there are several US senators who are pro-online gambling, there are others who vehemently oppose it.

Divided Opinions of Senators over Online Gambling

It is now clear that US states will start to move the process of offering online gambling on their own if steps are not taken by the federal government. Several major online casino operators such as William Hill and IGT have applied for license approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission.Nevada gaming business owners are in a state of angst as they realize if and when the bill passes, it could prove fatal to their business on the Vegas strip.

With online casinos offering a wider variety of games, bonuses and exciting promotional offers, it could very well bring to an end the monopoly and magnetism of the casinos in Vegas. When one ponders over the advantages offered by online casinos along with the comfort and convenience of accessing these games from home, it would not make sense for a gambler to spend extra money and travel all the way to Vegas.

Some senators such as Kentucky’s Rand Paul claim that he will support the bill if it comes up in session. However, several Republican senators still oppose the legislation such as Oklahoma’s Senator James Inhofe, who has strong opinions about the pastime. According toFlorida’s Sen. Marco Rubio, he would never support the bill even if it means an increase of revenue for the states concerned.

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