Online Gambling Market Gets Highly Competitive

In the past few months, the online gambling market has become extremely competitive. Players can now choose from an assortment of gambling sites that offer all types of casino games with exceptional graphics and features. Mobile gaming platforms are offered by several online casinos and allow players to access their favorite casino games on the move. In the past few months, several casino sites have seen a rise in their share values.

In such a challenging environment, it is common for some sites to enter or exit a particular gambling market owing to certain factors. While most of them avoid the US due to legal issues, a large number of casino sites are flourishing in Europe. One of them was a key online casino operator – Bodog.

Players Receive E-Mail Notifications from Bodog Europe

Calvin Ayre launched the Bodog brand and it quickly rose to become a favorite among online gamblers for its superior offering of games and bonuses. The Europe sector of the brand is one of the few elite casino operators that have a special license for offering online gambling activities in Europe.

One of the reasons for the success of the site is that it offers fair games and secure transactions. However, from next month onwards, not all players will be able to enjoy playing at Bodog casinos. Several players have received e-mail notifications n the past weekend.

Due to certain legal issues, Bodog will no longer offer its services to players who reside in particular jurisdictions. By the end of the month, these players have been requested to withdraw any money that is left in their accounts. If they do not, the site will forfeit the money and the account balance will be zero on September 1.

Bodog Europe to Target Regulated Jurisdictions

Players are in a state as no particular reason has been given for the turn of events. In due time, several rumors started doing the rounds, some claiming that Bodog has decided to make a graceful exit of the online gambling industry due to financial reasons. The rapid spread of the rumors forced Bodog to release a statement immediately detailing its predicament.

In its official statement, Bodog apologized to its customers for the inconvenience and declared that, from next month, it would only be providing gambling services in jurisdictions that have national regulations in place. One of the main reasons for this decision was attributed to the prevalence of internet fraud in some jurisdictions.

Furthermore, the statement announced that Bodog prides itself on providing premium gaming entertainment and a dedicated customer service. By functioning in several countries, it is becoming difficult for the brand to pay the required attention to its players. As such, the site is preparing to withdraw services from a number of countries including Croatia, Israel, Ukraine, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Online Gambling Market gets New Entrant – Facebook

Although the online gambling market is highly competitive, it is also extremely lucrative. One of the newest entrants in the market is Facebook, the social media giant. There has been wide-spread speculation about when exactly Facebook will step foot into the online gambling arena.

A day ago, Financial Mail published a report which declared that Facebook is all set to offer online gambling services to its customers. However, these services can be availed only by players in the UK and those who are above the legal age limit. Rumors surrounding the social networking site’s entry to the gambling arena started to rise when pages were allowed to be opened up on the site by online casinos.

The decision to offer real money gambling services will significantly enhance the revenue of Facebook. This can be attributed to the massive number of customers on Face book and the general inclination towards online gambling. Bingo will be one of the first casino games to be offered by Facebook.

Social Media Giant to Offer Games via Joint Venture with Gamesys

According to the Head of Gaming in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Julien Codorniou, bingo has been selected as the first game as it is already a favorite among players in the UK and is regulated. In a joint venture with Gamesys, Facebook will launch the Bingo app. Gamesys has been chosen by the social networking giant as it is one ofUK’s leading online gaming operators

Codorniou stated Gamesys is the ideal choice as it has the technology and Facebook has the audience. Today, customers are more attracted towards innovations such as 3D technology adopted by other online casino gaming operators as they offer a unique gambling environment. Along with bingo, Facebook plans to include slots and other table games within the next few months.

The social networking giant is in talks with other online casino operators so as to offer a variety of casino games to its customers. Although Facebook is based in the US, the current legal scenario considering online gambling is not suitable for launching the plan at that location. For the time-being, Facebook is content with the idea of releasing bingo games as it complements the site perfectly owing to chat forums.

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